long time no gesture tuesday

Want to see all the gestures drawings I’ve done in the last year or so ? You can do so hereas a Flickr set … pretty neat.

4 Responses to “long time no gesture tuesday”

  1. Emma Says:

    The gesture right in the middle – standing on one leg, with the umbrella – makes me smile. Also the one in the bottom right corner… they both have a lot of weird personality. :)

    Good to hear you’re going to be in San Diego! I’ll have to track you down there and see your new Sketchcrawling book. I”ll have a little book of sketches, also, that I had printed up for comicon… anyway, see you there!

  2. andy Says:

    Awesome Enrico, these are super-inspiring, glad to see tuesday’s gestures are back!

    Will you have the new sketchcrawling book available online after the comicon for those of us not around San Diego? I don’t want to miss out :)

  3. Enrico Says:

    Emma- glad you like these … See you in SD !

    Andy- I think the book will be available at Stuart Ng’s website, I might not sell them directly anymore, it’s too tiring and time consuming unfortunately to do it all myself … but I will give you details once the book is available on his website!


  4. Paul Says:

    WOW those are soooo inspiring!! I’m @ the Pratt Pre-Collage program right now and I have figure drawing next week :)