Update and photos

So … been pretty busy at work, but things are starting to slowly get back to normal. If you haven’t yet seen the sketches from the July first SketchCrawl be sure to check them out here. It’s really fantastic to see many artists’ sketches from different corners of the world: India, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, England and Canada to name a few. I hope slowly but surely SketchCrawl will gain momentum, look forward to the next one, when hopefully I will be sketching as well !!

So next it’s Comic-Con, have to start getting ready for that, look forward to it. I’ll be in San Diego from Friday to Saturday. Mostly at the Flight booth and also at Stuart Ng Books, for a signing. Will give you more detailed information later. I am also waiting for the new SketchCrawling Volume 2 books to arrive as they’ve been shipped from the printers!!! Will take the usual, “open the box filled with fresh books photos” and post it …

And here’s 3 photos I took over a 4th of July feast. Later !

Oh, and how could I forget! We are the world champions, what a ride! Forza Italia!!




2 Responses to “Update and photos”

  1. Régis Says:

    Great pics! And congrats for the world cup! My team (Brazil) lost miserably, but also deservedly; the team was playing really bad this year. I haven’t commented on your blog in a while, but I have checked the posts on a fairly regular basis, and I really enjoy all the photography and drawing. Well, it’s great to hear that you’ll have a book for this year’s Comic Con, as I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun.

    Hope to see you there.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Hah! Congratulations Enrico, and also to your Mum who can finally get some sleep now, eh?

    I wasn’t paying attention to the world cup final, and stupidly arranged to meet a friend (Bosco) in North Beach (SF’s little Italy) for coffee. When I got there, I guess the Italian Team had JUST won and the streets were a mob scene; everyone running into the road waving flags yelling and carrying on. There were lots of nervous looking cops with the tough job of trying to control the situation without spoiling the buzz..