Tenth World Wide SketchCrawl

Yep we’re at SketchCrawl number 10 ! Hard to believe but here we are after a year and a half since the first international SketchCrawl (november 21st 2004) and we’ve done nine on these … soon a full ten. So tomorrow, July 1st, artists from all over the world will be putting pens and pencils to paper together ! Come by the forums to see where the sketching is taking action.

Unfortunately Ronnie and I just found out that we will have to work, Pixar calls as we’re in a crunch for a screening … so sadly we won’t be able to join in the group of artists here in San Francisco, but not to worry we’ll try and sketch inbetween storyboard fixes … and maybe join them for a late afternoon beer … :)

So tomorrow … if you have a few hours or a few minutes take a deep breath, slow down, look around you and draw a sketch or two. You’re in good company …

5 Responses to “Tenth World Wide SketchCrawl”

  1. cK Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    If you do stop by for beers, can you bring by a copy of sketchcrawl for my friend that I email to earlier. I will bring by the empty sake bottles. Just post if you plan to get together for beers and inform me of the location.


  2. paul Says:

    I’m excited for the BIG 10!! bummer that you two can’t make it though…i’ll miss ya!

  3. amelia Says:

    Hey!! I’ll miss being there, but I’m sketching a little bit here in Kailua, Hawaii…board away, Enrico…


  4. Alina Says:

    lovely sketch!

  5. MT Says:

    I’d really like to attend the sf crawl one day, seems like everyone has a great time.