Volume 2 …

Guess what … I think I might be able to have a new “SketchCrawling” book (Volume 2) done just, barely, perhaps, keeping my fingers crossed in time for San Diego’s Comic-Con. I just uploaded files to the printer today and here’s the cover! I don’t think I’ll be at the convention for more than a couple of days this year but the book should be at the Flight Booth with Kazu and friends … hopefully. Flight 3 will be available there! Can’t wait to see it …

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  1. Enrico’s blog » Blog Archive » Update and photos Says:

    [...] So next it’s Comic-Con, have to start getting ready for that, look forward to it. I’ll be in San Diego from Friday to Saturday. Mostly at the Flight booth and also at Stuart Ng Books, for a signing. Will give you more detailed information later. I am also waiting for the new SketchCrawling Volume 2 books to arrive as they’ve been shipped from the printers!!! Will take the usual, “open the box filled with fresh books photos” and post it … [...]

  2. Enrico’s blog » Blog Archive » Jamie’s Comic-Con shopping list Says:

    [...] Good choices from good friend, uber talented, ever funny Jamie Baker of Rocket Rabbit fame. Quite the description of SketchCrawling, Jaime … [...]