more dance gestures

More charcoal on newsprint gestures of members of the Joe Goode Performance Group …






9 Responses to “more dance gestures”

  1. Don de Castro Says:

    I love the fluidity of all the drawings, especially the sweeping gestures of the broadside of charcoal to emphasize the gesture. awesome awesome work. were these poses held for a few seconds or were they what (for lack of a better way to put it) you saw at the moment… sorry if that was unclear.

    anyway, great work!

  2. Michael Says:

    Beautiful work. I really admire the sense of motion you capture in these.

  3. Sandra Khoo Says:

    WOO! Lovellyyyy….I’m lovin’ each n everyone of the poses. You make it look so easy. ^^

  4. Lee-Roy Says:

    Cool! Good work! I know it isn’t easy. Though, for you, maybe.

  5. Craig Mackay Says:

    Wow! I am pleasently blown away by these drawings. Speechless as well as typeless. Absolutely fantastic.

  6. Paul Says:

    I LOVE these! They look like beautiful cave illustrations :D

  7. Alina Says:

    These are real coool style!

  8. Enrico Says:

    Thanks … Glad you guys like these ! They’re fun to make … and I want to do more of this …

    Don de Castro- the poses weren’t held, it was a regular rehearsal of their show … what one does with this is try and capture with the mind’s eye the movement and pose and then look down and draw it … it’s hard …
    I wish they could stop a few seconds in some of these poses, they’re amazing, would love to have a little more time on some of these …


  9. Sarabjeet Singh Says:

    I also want to know more dance gestures…………