Random Tokyo cellphone photo …

Took this one this past february, first day Ronnie and I were there I went for a morning jog. In the grey, drizzly morning a hot canned coffee kept my hands warm on the way back to the apartment we were staying at …

And talking about Japan, don’t miss these amazing travel sketches by Joan Sfar. But be warned, you will want to leave everything behind and escape to a faraway land, just you and your sketchbook.

Link via Ronnie’s blog.

AND, talking about canned coffee makes 1: drool in need of caffeine and 2: think about this site and this comic.

4 Responses to “Random Tokyo cellphone photo …”

  1. Susan Henderson Says:

    I have you and your gorgeous art up on my blog today. Thanks so much!


  2. David Niall Wilson Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    Found your blog through the interview with my bud Susan Henderson, and wanted to drop by. I found this photo particularly interesting when I read the explanation, because while I’ve had canned coffee before, I have never even HEARD of hot canned coffee…intriguing thought.

    Love the art work…will probably stop by often.


  3. Enrico Says:

    Hey Susan thanks so much for your post … it was great to answer your questions … take care !

    David- thanks David, glad you enjoyed the visit … indeed hot canned coffee is quite popular … and tea too … my favorite is Royal Milk Tea …
    maybe I should open a cannedtea.com website … ;)


  4. David Niall Wilson Says:

    Well, there are certainly websites for LESS worthy causes.