Stay Together premiere … tonight

Going to the opening night’s show of Joe Goode Performance Group’s STAY TOGETHER with music by Michael Tilson Thomas. Here‘s an article about it from sunday’s SF Chronicle.
And here are some charcoal sketches I did at one of their rehearsals a couple of months ago. Larger size image here.


6 Responses to “Stay Together premiere … tonight”

  1. nancy Says:

    Enrico – those are cool. Um, how do you do that when they are dancing???

  2. Paul Says:

    wow the MOTION is amazing!! I can almost SEE them DANCE!

  3. Clio Says:

    Beautiful, Enrico! Love the smudges. I’m going to Genoa tomorrow! Can’t wait! X)

  4. Enrico Says:

    Nancy- it’s hard, you try and capture it with your mind’s eye then look down and draw it quickly …

    Paul- thanks

    Clio- thanks … wow, have a great trip Clio !! Look forward to hear your impressions !



  5. Alina Says:

    Very coool gesture drawings!

  6. Lee-Roy Says:

    Wow! I love the “swoosh” marks.