I was re-reading

one of my own post … this one … from last fall and it’s an interesting read especially with your comments following it. It really goes to show me how important it is to journal (be it with words or images) our way through life: months or years later you can read your thoughts or look at your sketches as if someone else wrote or drew them … and enjoy that in an inexpected way.

2 Responses to “I was re-reading”

  1. BrianB Says:

    I think journals are especially healthy in that respect. I just wanted to mention I really love flipping through your own and it’s archives. There’s a lot of great thoughts and works. The 24 hour comic was especially fun and inspiring for my own class project. That and your awareness and unabashed love for other people’s works and forms of art really makes the blog special to read. So thanks for that.

  2. Ward Says:

    It is definitely a nice unexpected journey we take as we visit past journal/blog entries. I’ve always loved that about my old writings/drawings from back in high school and college. I was a completely different person back then, and being able to look back at my life in retrospect makes me realize just how much I’ve grown mentally and artistically. Even with my blog, which is only about a year and a half old, I’ve seen so much change in me from my first posts. It does seem like a different writer, and not me. It’s weird.

    Great blog, by the way, Enrico. Love your work. Keep it up.