Back to gesture tuesdays

Yah ... Gestures ...

Back to gesture tuesdays

Excellent model today! I enjoyed the session thoroughly. I just figured out the “notes” option on Flickr … really neat way of putting specific comments on images. Check it out.

Oh and don’t miss these new amazing drawings from Bolhem Bouchiba on the SketchCrawl Blog. (busy tuesday!)

4 Responses to “Back to gesture tuesdays”

  1. Lee-Roy Says:

    Great gestures! I love the curtsy on the third page, among many others. It does look like a great model. I love the fresh and kind of cartoony style to your gestures. Always fun to look at.

  2. martin wittig Says:

    Wonderful sketches Enrico!!–I hope all is well:)

  3. Piera Says:

    Sto invitando un pò di persone a partecipare ad un progetto sperimentale di swap art. Guarda se ti può interessare…

    ciao e buon lavoro!

  4. Janice Says:

    Love the baseball player(s) !!!!!