Random friday photo

I was looking through photos of my trip to Japan in the fall of 2004. Great memories … here’s one of my Bento and Sketchbook, on a train from Nagoya to Takayama in Hida prefecture. Such a good “soulsearching sketching on my own” kind of trip.

bento and sketchbook

3 Responses to “Random friday photo”

  1. Wally Says:

    Thats so cool man.. You did the whole trip mostly by yourself? I think i know what you mean with “soulsearching sketching on my own”. I like it too..

    I just saw Howl’s Moving Castle again, and saw some aquarel sketches on the extras, and i must say, your sketchcrawl works look so much like miyazaki’s. You got exactely the same style. You think it is cus you both got the same pen-brush-thing?
    Anywayz.. We’re you at the screening of Howl’s Moving Castle when Miyazaki-san vistited? Must have been great.. And is the huge catbus from Totoro still at Pixar?
    I saw Isao Takahata recently on a animationconference here in Belgium, the director of Grave of the Fireflies. He gave a sermon about animé and the relationship of it with the ancient Japanse art. Very interesting.


  2. Enrico Says:

    Wally- Yes I travelled by myself … visited some friends here and there and had the first World Wide SketchCrawl in Tokyo … it was a great trip.

    Watercolors- yah I always loved Miyazaki’s watercolor imageboards and comics … it’s actually pencil and watercolors most of the times … sometimes pen and watercolor I think …
    no doubt I was totally influenced by those …


  3. Lee-Roy Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip.