Yes! I finally did it!

I finished the “Night on the Italian Ferry” comic! I finally watercolored
the last page !!! You can now read it all here. I am starting to assemble a SketchCrawling Volume 2 and this story is certainly going to be in it. Cheers and thanks for your undying patience.

7 Responses to “Yes! I finally did it!”

  1. aoi Says:

    I loved it! I hope you had time to rest after you fainted! ^_-

  2. Stephanie Says:

    That was very entertaining! I bet the snoring man didn’t even know you had entered the cabin that night, being so sound asleep. You should have stuck a panini in his mouth!

  3. Nancy Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your “Night of the Italian Ferry!” The blood dripping off the title was a particular engaging touch! Please do publish another sketchcrawling book! Love your work!

  4. Lee-Roy Says:

    Yay!!! I’ll go read!

  5. Lee-Roy Says:

    Great job, Enrico. A lovely little adventure story. I love the concept of the holes in the sky. Very well illustrated, too. There’s a great feeling in this whole story that I can relate to somehow. Something about trying to escape the mundane, but finding inspiration and humanity in it after all. Plus it’s funny. :)

  6. Enrico Says:

    aoi- thanks, yes I did have quite the wonderful beach vacation after that … :)

    Stephanie- eh eh … good idea …

    Nancy- Thanks for the encouragement ! Will do … :D

    Lee-Roy- thanks man. Glad you enjoyed it and felt akin while reading …

    ciao !


  7. Matt cruickshank Says:

    You did a great job on this, I thoroughly enjoyed the read!