What a weekend uh?!

We had the most amazing weather this weekend in the bay area, it felt like summer … I enjoyed it throughly: looked for new furniture, rode my bike, played tennis, barbecued in the sun – and – took photos of flowers …

flower ....

7 Responses to “What a weekend uh?!”

  1. amelia Says:

    Great picture. Pink and green are two of the best colors together I think!
    Buon Giorno! Me Chiamo AMelia!
    I’m learning Italian!


  2. Ben Says:

    3 of those and you got a bouquet. hahahaha

  3. cK Says:


    If you are looking for furniture, try Uniq Images in Berkeley. They are located in 2001 University Ave The cross street is Milvia. They are approx 30% cheaper than Evolution. The style is classic modern. I went to Evolution and picked the style and maker then went to Uniq for buying. Also, if you buy sets, they will give you further discounts. I am sure that they will deliver in the City.

    Take care,


  4. Toby Says:

    Summer??? Where??? In Germany this year really sucks!!! I`ll go to Italy next week…so i hope i can catch some sun and a breeze of the italian sea….actually pasta.

  5. Chris Chua Says:

    lovely pics…hoping to one day join in your sketchcrawls! Keep up the great work.

  6. Mark Urbanski Says:

    I hadn’t looked at your blog for a while, and decided to catch up a bit, and this photo reminded me bigtime of a photoset I did a couple of months ago!

    I can’t wait for the ‘Sketchcrawl 2′ book!!! I love and cherish the first one, and will do the same with the second when it comes out!

  7. Enrico Says:

    oh wow, those photos are super similar !! Nice …

    Glad you liked SketchCrawling Mark, I am sending files to the printer for Volume 2 as I write this !! yay … :)