Tuesday’s gestures 4-25

5 Responses to “Tuesday’s gestures 4-25”

  1. Katie C Says:

    Just beautiful! The top right one is great!

  2. Lee-Roy Says:

    Ouch! Her toe just poked me in the eye! Great gestures. Woo hoo.

    (sorry for the duplicate. i posted this same comment to your flickr account, but meant it for the blog.)

  3. Alina Says:


    These are real cool gesture drawings!!

    BTW, a few of my friends and I in LA are interested to join the Sketchcrawl. But we have no idea how to join, and whether there is one in LA. We went on the Sketchcrawl site to check out the postings, but still can’t quite figure out how it works. Appreciate if you could answer our questions …



  4. Enrico Says:

    Katie C and Lee-Roy- thanks!!

    Alina -

    Guess I really need a Q&A page at SketchCrawl.com … will work on that asap.

    Ok, so … you can do a SketchCrawl any time you want … with friends or by yourself … it’d be great if you posted on the forums some of your sketches after it !

    As far as the World Wide SketchCrawls go, we set a day every 2 or 3 months when we put a call to all artists to gather and draw … the next one will be probably around end of June ! Announcements usually happen at the forums or at the SketchCrawl blog …

    ok ?


  5. Alina Says:


    Thanks for your reply. I will try to hop on sketchcrawl and figure out how to post stuffs there. I sign up a while ago, but have been having trouble access the forum. Will give that a try again.

    Alina :)