Tekkon Kinkurito

I am really excited about this movie coming out next december in Japan from Studio 4c. Tekkon Kinkurito (aka Black and White) is directed by Michael Arias and adapts for the screen the story from the amazing Manga from Tayo Matsumoto (who is hands down my favorite Japanese Mangaka, his stuff should be translated more !!). Studio 4c’s talent is undeniable, think MindGame, and Koji Morimoto is also involved in the project. I had the luck of meeting Michael last month when Ronnie and I visited Studio 4c, he kindly showed us some finished scenes from the movie and I was duly impressed! The animation is beautifully kinetic , the art direction amazingly rich and colorful … and lastly Michael’s dedication and love for this movie is nothing short of inspiring. I am gonna keep an eye out for updates on the just opened official website.

4 Responses to “Tekkon Kinkurito”

  1. Gerald Says:

    This movie does look amazing by the screenshots alone. The backgrounds are wonderful….style is very grunge but so vibrant. Can’t wait to see trailers & clips for the movie.

  2. Enrico Says:

    You can see a low quality video of the promo trailer following the links here:


    Ronnie and I saw a good 15 minutes of it and it’s great … love the art direction on this too … tons of colorful bgs with aquas and pinks and reds … they were inspired by 50s and 60s japanese and chinese ads …


  3. Garrett Says:

    I cannot begin to explain how excited this makes me. I love 4 C’s work, and to have them working on making a film out of one of my favorite artists work is awesome! I am eagerly anticipating this. Love the backgrounds.

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