A new set …

Unwrapping the cakes …. :)

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  1. Oliver Says:

    Like getting a box of candies. Yum

  2. stephane kardos Says:

    Hey Enrico,
    Do you use watercolours in tube sometimes? I tried it for the first time few weeks ago at the life drawing course, and thought it was great to mix the colours together, and be more spontaneous; especially when working on bigger scale. I like the pans when I’m sketching outdoors, very convenient.
    Do you carry this big bow around when you sketch outside?

  3. stephane kardos Says:

    “big box” sorry for the mistake.

  4. Marc Says:


    I don’t know if you’ve run into these or not, but when I was in Kyoto 6 years ago, I found a little art store on the main drag in Gion (before the bridge) that had this lovely set of tiny little sumi-cakes in a nice wooden box by Holbein. I picked it up and I love the little dears to death, but alas hasven’t had any luck finding them here in the states or on-line. If you get a chance to check them out, I highly reccomend them. They are more or less like gouache in that you can use them equally well opaqely and transparently.

  5. Clay Says:

    Hey Enrico, where did you get that set? Is the tray “metal”? I’ve been searching for a metal one.

    Thanx, I love your work!


  6. Enrico Says:

    Oliver- eh eh, yah.

    Stephane- I haven’t used tube watercolors in a while …. and do I carry this big box with me ? Well it might be a little big for sketchcrawling around, but I’ll give it a try !

    Marc- Holbein ah? Sounds familiar … I did buy a couple of sets in Japan that I never saw around here … it’s fun to hunt down stuff like sketchbooks and watercolors all over the world … :)

    Clay- I bought this set at PEARL in NewYork … but I am sure you can find these online as well … there’s a slightly smaller box, same style, that could work even better for sketchcrawling …


    some interesting alternatives




  7. Clay Says:

    Awesome….Thanks for the links!

  8. JLHoffman Says:

    Great Set Enrico!!

    You might try ordering from outside the US here:

    That Winsor Newton Pocket set is about $20.00 cheaper if you order at Ken Bromleys, any ways I ordered all my wc stuff from them and have never had any problems.
    Oh, and they have a set of all three Pentel Aquabrushes for $11.00!!
    Keep on Sketchin’

  9. Enrico Says:

    Sweeet, thanks for all the links John


  10. Piera Says:

    Ciao, dopo tanti anni di navigazione ancora mi stupisco di quello che si può trovare per caso in giro per la rete. Ne gioisco, perchè ogni volta la scoperta mi arricchisce. Ho visto il tuo sito, ti faccio i complimenti per la mano e l’impegno e volevo solo dirti che condivido con te e con tutti gli altri quella sensazione unica di scartare gli acquerelli, ogni volta come la prima volta, vent’anni fa.

  11. Enrico Says:

    Grazie per le buone parole Piera … ciao