I am swamped for a pitch for tomorrow, rivers of coffe will flow today, but here is what keeps me going and fills me with inspiration: Miyazaki’s boards for “Meitantei Houmuzu” (Sherlock Hound in english) … Awesome stuff, so loose …

13 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. lfw Says:

    holy crap!

    where did you get that?!?!? I must buy a copy.

  2. andy Says:

    I love these Miyazaki storyboard books, I just got the Porco Rosso and Spirited Away ones, just amazing boards… they look so effortless.

  3. Enrico Says:

    Kinokuniya bookstores probably will have it … or you can order it from them. Do you have one around you?


  4. Emma Says:

    Yeah, they look like he just sat down and banged the whole movie out in three hours. Inspiring and intimidating!

    I’ve got the Totoro one and the Spirited Away one… beautiful.

  5. Mike Marinos Says:

    You can buy these!!! – Awesome

    At the risk of getting a little weird and this may not be the appropriate place to discuss this but – I am curious as to peoples immediate reaction to Miyazaki’s drawings. Mine is NOT primarily visual but kinesthetic – I feel the movement/gestures. This doesn’t always happen with other artists.

    Like Enrico I have “pick me up” visual material lying around and I suspect it works partly because your mind gets a rest but also because somehow it is working your body as well.

    Too weird???

  6. Sandra Says:

    Sherlock hound? Luvvvvv it! ^______^ Must get a copy of it myself!

  7. Régis Says:

    Ah yes! Though I do not yet own the Meitantei Houmuzu story board books, I do have the first couple of DVD volumes, and have seen the Miyazaki eps multiple times. I have the Porco Rosso story board book, but I do wish to grab some of the work he did prior to Ghibli, to see how much it differs. I remember seeing the Cagliostro board book at a Kinokuniya in the Japan Center in SF not too long ago…

    Anyway, yeah, it’s COOOLL!!


  8. j Says:

    Good luck with the pitch tomorrow Enrico. Hope it goes well.

  9. Brian Scott Says:

    Have a great pitch!!!

  10. Gerald Says:

    Just watched a chunk of the storyboard version on Disc 2 of Howle’s Moving Castle….Wow! Good stuff.

    That Sherlock Holmes book in English looks incredible!

    Good luck with your pitch tomorrow! Don’t forget to breath…
    Hey I dig the new profile image e. Hahaha.

  11. Queen Tut Says:

    How inspiring! I am going to Japan in April and have the studio Ghibli on my list. I am a huge fan of Miyazaki!

  12. Enrico Says:

    Emma- I am sure it’s not that easy, even for Miya San … :)

    Mike- His storyboard drawings are an animator’s drawings … you’re absolutely right about the kinetic quality of it … they’re also amazingly linear… there isn’t contruction or volume but lines that still give us form … seeing him draw in the “making of” videos of Mononoke is pretty amazing … it’s as if he’s finding lines that are already there … :)

    Sandra- you should! It’s worth it … I watched these episodes when I was a kid … I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing without these works … Future Boy Conan also had a huge impact on me …

    Regis- not very different, that’s what’s amazing, his style hasn’t changed much … maybe it has gotten a little more rich in details … but that makes sense with feature films as opposed to TV work …

    j- went well … nothing major but all good … thanks.

    Brian- Thankss!

    Gerald- The book isn’t in English, I wish …

    Queen TUt- you have quite the treat ahead of you … :)


  13. Lee-Roy Says:

    Oh WOW! I have to pick these up. Really awesome, in the true sense of the word.