A wine label

Did this for a friend a few weeks ago, it’s for the label of a wine bottle. This is the little house where they bottle the vino, drew it from a foto. Guess how I am getting paid ? ;)

16 Responses to “A wine label”

  1. andy Says:

    heheh that’s really cool Enrico, beautiful picture :)

  2. Nick Says:

    Beautiful painting Enrico–lucky fella!

  3. darrell bowman Says:

    Cute – what is that 3000 square feet ;)

  4. Nancy Says:

    That is beautiful, Enrico! Can you tell us the winery?

  5. nicole Says:

    Red or white?

  6. Toby Says:

    really really beautiful
    have an italian touch…..
    vino from italia e troppo buono….

  7. cK Says:

    Hey E,

    I still have those vintage 89 or 90 1st, 2nd and 3rd growths Bordeaux.


    PS Where is the winery?

  8. Chris Chua Says:

    Big Fan of your stuff…Love this wine bottle label! Can’t wait to see more!

  9. Enrico Says:

    It’s a small winery, Del Sol Winery in Livermore … It’s for a be a Lodi Sirah …

    Toby- I do like me a nice glass of Chianti … ;)

    ck- Maybe the next Sketchcrawl should have a nice wine and cheese picnic in the park!


  10. aoi Says:

    Beautiful! I would buy a bottle with such a beautiful watercolor on it!

  11. Alina Says:

    beautiful painting!! Do you use pencil or ink for the line?


  12. Toby Says:

    Yes Chiantia is very good
    me piace vino sicilia – nero di sicilia
    and italian food…….fortunatly my girl is a siciliana

  13. Enrico Says:

    aoi- I’ll post a photo of the bottle once I get one …

    Alina- Yes, it’s a mechanical pencil.

    Toby- Good for you … sicilian vino and ragazza. :)


  14. Clio Says:

    Very nice painting! Love the shadows and the blotches of the sky.

  15. cas Says:

    I guess it will become a collectable item thanks to your illustration

  16. Enrico Says:

    Clio- thanks ! :)

    cas- eh eh, if only …