my hometown …

… from Tank Hill, full size here.

6 Responses to “my hometown …”

  1. aoi Says:

    Goergeous! It’s good knowing you call San Francisco you “hometown”, I wish I could feel this is my “hometwon”, too! Maybe it’s just matter of time! ^_^” Can I ask you since when are you in US?

  2. amelia Says:

    According to your Enrimeter you’re feeling kinda prickly today… :)

    Cool picture!


  3. max Says:

    All those orange sodium-vapor streetlights actually look nice and cozy against the dark blue sky. Nice pic.

    Hey, is that Venus or an SFO-bound plane? (Someone check the ephemiredes)

  4. Enrico Says:

    aoi- you know, I had to think about it a sec, before writing that. NewYork City felt home for quite a few years, but now after more than 4 years here in SF it really feels that way. Also I am in the process of purchasing an apartment, will be a homeowner for the first time in my life, so it’s certainly time to call this my hometown. :D

    amelia- heh … yep.

    max- that does look venus !

  5. aoi Says:

    Oh, then that’s really the right word to use! Congratulations for your new step as a first time homeowner! :)

  6. nicole Says:

    Exciting to buy your own home! Just bought my first and it feels GREAT!!! Good luck with all the paper work ;-)