I hear good things about Shinobi … can’t say I like the main poster for it or the rather cheesy pop song that seems to be attached with it … but the photography in the trailer looks quite beautiful. There’s a review of the film at

2 Responses to “Shinobi”

  1. aoi Says:

    Hehe, it’s true, the pop song doesn’t seem to match the movie but putting a song of Ayumi Hamasaki as soundtrack of a movie could be a good idea to increase the audience, she is very popular! ^_^”

  2. Gerald Says:

    that review that you linked, spoke very highly of this film. The reviewer compares this to the film Azumi, which already has a sequel released. I think Azumi had mixed reviews(I ended up enjoying the story), so Shinobi may be in the same ball park, we may have to watch it for our own review. I do admit that the landscape shots during the trailer were just gorgeous.