Four more photos

I have quite a few from Kamakura … they will need their own gallery.






7 Responses to “Four more photos”

  1. Emma Says:

    What are those tags on the wall in the third picture? I really like that photo, it’s so crowded and busy but not uncomfortably so… just packed with interesting things.

  2. faridz Says:

    these photos really deserve to be in their own gallery!

  3. Robinjoseph Says:

    hey enrico

    these are beautiful..i’ve been reading up on your recent trip to japan( thru urs and ronnie’s sites). Thanks for sharing .

    the photos you have here are really beautiful. If you don’t mind me asking …do you expose slides or are they digital shots. ( since the shots are so vibrant). and what kind of a camera do you use?

    once again..beautiful..


  4. Enrico Says:

    Emma- the wooden blocks are wishes and prayers, if I am not mistaken. People write on it … you can buy a blank one, write it and hang it … not sure of their name, any of the japanese speakers know more of this ?

    Faridz- thanks

    Robin- These are digital, shot with A Canon Rebel … thanks, glad u like them.


  5. Robinjoseph Says:

    hey enrico

    I think the wooden blocks are called Emma..or Ema.. There’s a japanese restaurant in toronto called Ema-Tei…filled with the little blocks hanging everywhere.

    The prints/drawings on the blocks are absolutely stunning. I did inquire about them, and the chef said they are sort of like prayer blocks..sort of inlines of wish fullfillment. you write your wish and hand these at the temple. All the Ema’s in the restaurant were gifted by their regular clients.They do have a long and dedicated japanese client list, considering the number of emas i saw. I am positive there is more to it..the chef and i did have a language barrier.

    and that is a very odd coincidence that the person who inquired about the blocks a couple of comments up is also an Emma. Wow

    If you’r ever in T.O check out Restaurant Ema-Tei. YUmmmmm


  6. Gerald Says:

    that 2nd shot is my favorite. The cut outs in the metal sphere tend to play with your depth of field, I honestly thought random white pieces of paper were floating above.

    that 3rd dish looks delicious, is that an appetizer salad? What kind?

    The last shot is so simple but fantastic composition. I love how the table on the left bends off the page. Do you have a fish lens with you?

  7. Enrico Says:

    Robin- wow that is interesting … Emma asked about Ema … eh eh … thanks for the more detailed information …

    Gerald- yah I have a sigma fisheye lens … one of my favorites … many of these are taken with it …