More Tokyo sketches

A couple of more sketches from Tokyo’s SketchCrawl day …

6 Responses to “More Tokyo sketches”

  1. aoi Says:

    Great sketches! I like the perspective of the girl sketch!

  2. Uloo Says:

    Love the pen sketches, Enrico.
    Such warm shapes you drew.

  3. Lee-Roy Says:

    great, great, great. love your sketches. real fresh quality. nice wide-angle perspective.

  4. Virginia Says:

    Hello there
    Today I found you blog :) you have a really beautiful skeches . Be sure I will back for more :) . please keep posting!!!

  5. Kevin Says:

    The easy discipline of the line drawings and the freedom and warmth of the marina watercolor are a splendid combination, Enrico. You add fire to my love for the human capacity to make images as a testament to the immediacy of living.

  6. Enrico Says:

    Aoi – Uloo – Lee-Roy : thanks a lot, glad you guys like these.

    Virginia – great to hear you just found my blog … :)

    Kevin – wow, I am honored to read your comment, such nice words … thank you very much