MiyaSan is the man …

Question: “You have received a number of prizes, including the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2002 and an Oscar for best animated feature film in 2003 for Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away), which first came out in 2001. Hauru no Ugoku Shiro also was awarded the Osella prize for outstanding technical contribution at the Venice International Film Festival.”

Miyazaki Hayao: “Prizes do not mean anything to me. I think it is more important to make a child aware of the existence of a weird creature like a water spider that breathes through its backside.”

Want to see excerpts from the new shorts? Watch this (medium res) or this (high res)

7 Responses to “MiyaSan is the man …”

  1. Mike Marinos Says:

    And he certainly has done that for my son, who at 10 was transfixed by “Spirited Away” and still talks about the Cat Bus in “Totero”

    so thanks you MiyaSan (and Enrico)

  2. Lee-Roy Says:

    Great choice for a quote. It speaks volumes. He most definitely is the man. Thanks for the clip link. By the way, how good is your japanese? Do you understand everything in the interview?

  3. Gerald Says:

    The water-spider short! Good choice :)

  4. Najlae Says:

    he is definitely the man! thanks for the video xox

  5. Enrico Says:

    Mike, Najlae – you’re very welcome

    Lee-Roy – not that good, Miyazaki’s Japanese is also extra difficult, very articulate and a tad old fashioned I hear … his translator told us she often has a hard time doing him justice.


  6. Lee-Roy Says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the reply.

  7. Wally Says:

    This guy is the best..
    I think he’s the greatest artist ever been.
    And he is so underestimated and unknow here in Europe it makes me sad.
    I’ll always love his movies, there bringing out all the ghibli movies in Europe! yey

    btw, im belgian ;)