SketchCrawl photos and sketches

You can see some drawings from last sunday in Kichijouji here in the forums. And here‘s a great galleries of photos by Takahashi Hikaru also an uber talented mangaka.
Some of my first drawings from the day … more to come.

Yoko Tanji paging through Ronnie’s sketchbook.

Lunch in Kichijouji’s Armonica Yokochou. Picturesque tiny streets, shops and restaurants filled area north of the station.

6 Responses to “SketchCrawl photos and sketches”

  1. Emma Says:

    Awesome lines as always, and I really like the fish-eye perspective you’ve got going on in the second pic!

  2. Régis Says:

    Welcome Back!

    Hm, I guess it really shows, especially the second pic, the Japanese influence. Once again you seem to be establishing a whole new aesthetic for yourself. I am in awe. So dry and simple, and warm and direct (I can totally tell how that sweater would feel!) I especially find it interesting how much your work is resembling the fine work of some of my favorite Japanese illustrators/ animators:


    Ken’ichi Yoshida

    and Tadashi Hiramatsu

    Not as much in content, but definitely in the line work, I can definitely see some resemblances. I don’t know whether you are aware of these artists, but just thought of pointing that out. The forced perspectives always remind me of Masaaki Yuasa and MindGame – though these pics are truly Enrico Casarosa!

    Anyway, what great sketches and great fun! Thanks for sharing!


  3. justin Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    wonderful sketches. The middle one is my fave. I love the distortion on the figure in front. Thanks for posting this stuff.

  4. cK Says:


    I really like the last drawing of Japanese artist drawing something. You mentioned to me that sketchcrawl is the capture the essence of the moment. You definately capture the moment.


  5. Hikaru Takahashi Says:

    Thank you for my doing photograph introduction.
    I wanted to see Enrico’s sketchbook!!
    Moreover, show now.

  6. Enrico’s blog » Blog Archive » 森 3 trees and … Says:

    [...] Well, the cat’s out of the bag. Might as well give you some details myself. As you might have read on November 4th Nucleus is having us three trees over again … but the main event are three amazing illustrators that we are sooo excited to have invited over from Japan. Yoko Tanji, Icco Sasai, and Wakako Katayama  I’ve been loving their work on the net for years and it was a really pleasure to meet them in person last february in Tokyo, Yoko Tanji even joined us all day for SketchCrawl. So if you don’t know their work these three flowers are gonna blow you away. Wonderful wonderful illustrations you will want to own. And on top of all that Tadahiro, Ronnie and I are gonna be debuting and signing (keeping my fingers crossed on this one as we’re finishing design on this right now, hope the printers make it in time) the art book ” 森 3 trees make a forest” published by Gingko Press. A hard cover book that is already up for preorder on Amazon. We are so excited to fully feature Tadahiro’s work in a book for the first time in the US. [...]