New Blog!

A new idea in the making, the SketchCrawl-Blog: a communal blog with different contributors. Focused on sharing everything about drawing out there in the field. Ranging from materials discussion: a new favorite sketchbook? a new find of a pencil? A great folding stool? -to thoughts, questions and even polls about sketching and journaling. What’s your favorite place to go sketch? What invariably catches yours and your pencil attention ?

Interested in contributing? Shoot me an email.

3 Responses to “New Blog!”

  1. amelia Says:

    That sounds cool!


  2. Lee-Roy Says:

    Great Idea, Enrico! I think sketchcrawl was calling for something like this. I’m working on my new blog now and will post results of my first sketchcrawl when I get it up and running (and I will be sure to visit the sketchcrawl blog!).


  3. Adam Says:

    WOuld love to get involved sketching with anyone in the San Francisco area….perusing Sketchcrawl to see if ya’ll get together and meet up for drawing sessions.

    Cheers, Adam