SketchCrawl details for this saturday

So for those of you in the San Francisco area, we are meeting this saturday at noon in front of the De Young Museum entrance in Golden Gate Park. I thought we could go draw some artifacts inside, enjoy the museum and then roam the park sketching people. All sizes and shapes are welcome. ;) Haven’t touched a pencil in 10 years? You’re especially welcome. If you want to try and reach the group later in the day, feel free to give me a call and find out our whereabouts (415)317-2731. For all of you out there in the world, join us from wherever you are. Details of for this SketchCrawl and the money we’re trying to raise are also in this post.

And here’s a drawing I did in november 04 on a personal sketchcrawl day in Tokyo … re-reading old journals is always great, it takes you back to those exact days with such vivid memories.

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  1. amelia Says:

    Thanks Enrico! Great sketches. Can’t wait for Saturday!


  2. Lee-Roy Says:

    Hmm… I might try to participate from here in L.A. If it happens, it will be my first sketchcrawl!

    By the way, I’m having some trouble following that link. What’s the story on the fund-raising?


  3. Enrico Says:

    Here’s the message quoted:

    “Pakistani Earthquake relief SketchCrawl
    Danny Gregory just sent me an email regarding an awesome SketchCrawl event he’s putting together on February 3rd in NYC. The idea raising money with sketching: one drawing = one dollar = one blanket = 2 lives. Such a great event that I think we should make this a large effort! So let’s make World Wide SketchCrawl #7 an international relief event! I think Saturday February 4th would be the best date. Please join us from wherever you are and please help us spread the word all around! All suggestions are welcome on how to make this as wide as possible! The more we draw the more money we can raise the more lives we can help. I’ll keep you updated on the details for the San Francisco get together, it’d be great to try and find a museum with artifacts from Himalayans regions, maybe the Asian Art Museum could work.
    You can find a PDF form from Danny here, and here are some of Danny’s inspirational thoughts.

    UPDATE – Ok, I am a little clearer now how this can work. Participants would get sponsors (that’s what the PDF form is for) who would support them $1 per drawing or with a flat donation. It’s like an AIDS run pretty much, instead of miles we count drawings. X) Of course, if you don’t get any sponsor, you can just decide to give your own donation. And last option if you’re broke or if you don’t want any good instant Karma, you can just come and draw away with everyone. No sweat.”

    I am trying to figure out what’s best thing … if to send all checks of donations to Danny Gregory in NYC … or collect them myself and send them to the Mercy Corps … or just ask people to send them themselves …

    It would be nice to have a tally of how much we can raise … so it’d be best if we can collect them. But I think ultimately Checks might be the best way to do it. So one can make it out to the MercyCorps.

    I will have some of these issues sorted out asap.


  4. Man Arenas Says:

    Ahh! whatta pity… San Francisco bay will be too far for me this WE. :) )))
    yours sketches are the lightness of a feather and the density of a Aiku.

  5. aoi Says:

    Great! I am looking forward to see the sketches of you all! ^_^

  6. Paul Says:

    wow – great idea!! I like the idea of saving lives by drawing :D
    I have my saterday art experiance class at AAU on the 4th but it ends at 3:00 and I’ll already be in the city so I’ll give you a call to see if it’s still going on – can’t wait!

  7. Enrico Says:

    ManArenas- feel free to draw away wherever you are! Thanks for the compliments

    aoi- are you gonna draw too ? :D

    Paul- hopefully still see you there!


  8. aoi Says:

    Though in the Bay Area I cannot reach SFO Saturday…can I sketchcrawling anywhere I will be?