Lotte’s beautiful drawings

Ok, these are simply AMAZING! I mean … wow.
link via Drawn!

5 Responses to “Lotte’s beautiful drawings”

  1. amelia Says:

    I saw that site a few days ago on the Amiga-Team blog and it inspired me to draw! I absolutely love those drawings, makes me want to try some of that medium they use… :)


  2. Thorsten Says:

    Iiiiiiiindeeeeeed. So beautiful! Might be she also likes Schiele?


  3. aoi Says:

    Some of them look like the Japanese ink painting style!

  4. Uloo Says:

    Oh, love these. Thanks for the link, Enrico.

  5. Lee-Roy Says:

    Wow. The gestures of the children are captured so wonderfully. Interesting. The simplicity of the blog is somewhat refreshing. No comments, no descriptions, no titles… Just great drawings. Thanks for the link.