Best foreign movies

Midnight eye is quite the resource for Japanese movie reviews and directors interviews. I’ve found many a gem thanks to these guys. They just posted a nice long article with the Best and Worst movies of 2005 and there’s foreign movies from all over. Many titles to jot down and go on the hunt for later.

What about your recommendations? What are the best foreign movies you’ve seen in 2005 ? And the worst ?

8 Responses to “Best foreign movies”

  1. aoi Says:

    I have this site linked in my blog, it’s useful and interesting check it now or then! In 2005 I have seen some samurai movies on IFC channel (always worth to see!)

  2. nicole Says:

    Not japanese but belgian: “Any way the wind blows…..” (with subtitles)

  3. Enrico Says:

    aoi- neat, any titles ?

    nicole – excellent … this is a great way to share the gems we found this past year and thus discover some new films we’d miss otherwise …

    Here’s a few “must see movie” of 2005 from me:
    MindGame, Masaaki Yuasa.
    Vital, Shinya Tsukamoto.
    Taste of Tea, Katsuhito Ishi.
    Sympathy from Lady Vengeance, Chan-wook Park.
    2046, WKW.

    more to come.


  4. Jen Says:

    Enrico, a good website for foreign/art house releases with a focus on asian films is Twitch. It’s not too well organized but boy can you find some gems there.

    There’re still too many movies from this year I haven’t caught up on yet, but I will say this is the year I discovered Kim Ki-Duk.

  5. nicole Says:

    Could anybody explain the word ‘gems’ ….. I am feeling that I might be into some kind of discussion or subject I do not get (yet)…. ai….
    Today 5×2 (a french movie) came up – no focus on asian yet but maybe a new field to explore :-)

  6. Emma Says:

    Nobody Knows (english translation of a Japanese title). I think it was made in 2004, but I saw it this year…

    and Intacto, a film from Spain.

  7. aoi Says:

    Oh, I don’t remember the titles of the b/w movies but on 2005 I have seen Zatoichi (2003 movie) for the first time and it’s worth watching (the tip tap in the end is amazing!)

  8. bannister Says:

    best : sideways & a taste of tea
    worst : alone in the dark

    they’re foreign for me, of course !