Yes … it’s true.

Some details HERE … and a New Era in animation is ushered in … X)
Anyone in for a SketchCrawl at DisneyLand ? I think I might have free passes soon … ;)

16 Responses to “Yes … it’s true.”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Serious? Whoa, that sounds like fun enrico! Would it be a sketchcrawl weekend in SO-CAL?

  2. John Grillo Says:

    Enrio, did you have any Pixar stock? According to the BBC you’ll be getting 2.5 Disney stocks for every Pixar stock. ^_^

  3. cK Says:


    I hope that Disney can preserve the Pixar’s company culture and leave you guys alone. You can strip Pixar’s material assets but it is “people” assets that make Pixar unique, special and ultimately profitable. You guys really carried the spirit of “Nine Old Men” and made some timeless magic.


  4. John Frost Says:

    Actually it’s 2.3 of Disney stock for every Pixar paper. I hope all the staff at Pixar has some.

    I hope that the interview on CNBC was indicative that it will be a question of Disney attempting to absorb the Pixar culture rather than the other way around.

    More on The Disney Blog. I’d love to have you all over there with your thoughts


  5. bannister Says:

    What will it change for you ? Will it touch you frontally or have a big impact on your working way ?
    And more of that, what do you think about it ?

  6. Enrico Says:

    Gerald- yes, we certainly should do that sometime in the spring! I’ve actually never been to DisneyLand … only to DisneyWorld. So this will be a nice opportunity …

    John- that 2.3 figure is only to match the prices of the 2 different stocks … so the value of it stays the same.

    cK- Well said C. I don’t want to say too much about all this but I can certainly tell you I have the same hopes you do …

    John- Cool John … I’ll be sure to come around the disneyblog …

    bannister- well our job doesn’t change … we are here to tell good stories just like the day before yesterday. The difference is probably going to be more on the back end … perhaps more sinergy with marketing, merchandising and certainly with themeparks … but we’ll see how that pans out.
    And as far as how I feel about it … well let’s put it this way: there’s room for optimism … but if you asked me “who do you work for”. You can be sure I’ll keep on telling you: “Pixar Animation Studios”.


  7. fred Says:

    while i’m definitely not a fan of Disney over the years. one has to remember that the eisner era is over and the iger one has begun and so far iger has made some bold moves with abc content on itunes and now buying pixar. and buena vista is a powerfully dominant distributor. i have to say it makes sense for both companies here. the most important thing, as has been noted here, is that the pixar culture remain intact. the fact that catmull and lasseter have top jobs at disney creative now bodes well that things will not only stay the same in emeryville but also progress in socal as well…?

  8. cK Says:

    In mergers, unfortunately, high level visions does not necessarily translate at the working level. On paper, it sounds good but it is often difficult to change mid level management without replacing them with your own people.

    I am most concerned about Disney Legal. I had some strange experiences with Disney animators/artists who were selling their independent projects (non-disney) at San Diego Con. These guys were really nice guys. But, when I asked about their past Disney projects (just general questions), the artist would look around to make sure that there was no one listening to conversation then tell me it is policy not to discuss past projects. It was not only one guy. I could understand not discussing projects that are in development but I found it strange that they were paranoid in discussing their past projects. If a company culture can create such a feeling of paranoia, I have concern. I hope that Lasseter and Catmull can control Disney’s mid-level management.


  9. Paul Says:

    I couldn’t believe it when i heard it – I have been following the story but didn’t think it would actually happen. Hopefully with Eisner gone things will begin to shape up for Disney and they change Pixar to much. what’s your opinion on it?

  10. Sean Says:

    Is it true that John Lassiter will now be in charge of both Pixar and Disney’s creative team? Seeing that he is a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki, I could only hope that not only cell drawn animation will return, but with a touch of studio Ghibli’s style. Totoro and Nausicaa are two of my favorites. I’d love to see stuff like that come out of Disney.

  11. Thorsten Says:

    … and on goes the race of change: Toy Story 3 seems to be cancelled “… An Associated Press article from Tuesday about the acquisition confirms the news:

    One immediate sign of Lasseter’s influence is that plans for Disney to make the long rumored sequel “Toy Story 3″ on its own have been scrapped. If the film is made, it will be done by Lasseter and the other creators of the original film, the companies said.”

  12. Dan Says:


    I’ve been thinking about it, and as an artist who’s been itching to make my way to Pixar, I believe it’s a great thing. The biggest reason for my optimism is that Lassetter and Jobs are basically going to take over animation at Disney.

    The way I see it it’s rather Pixar who is going to have an influence on Disney and not the other way around. In all likelyness, we will see a return to form at Disney(2D anyone?) and Pixar will remain the same fantastic bundle of joy it’s always been.

    *Raises his glass*
    Here’s to animation!!!


  13. aoi Says:

    Sounds great! Like others said, I hope things will not change for you all (in terms of “freedom”)

  14. Floyd Norman Says:

    I remember the day of the Joe Ranft Celebration up at Pixar. All of the Pixar guys and gals and the Disney people were there. I couldn’t help but think, all of us really belong together. Now, it looks like we finally will. This is great news.

  15. Enrico Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts everybody.
    Appreciated …
    I am on the same page as most of you … the Disney company name
    has accrued an unfortunate connotation after years of bad managing. For a few years they made stepping over their
    artists talent and stories their main goal it seemed. It’s impossible being in this industry without having heard bad stories from ex Disney Artists. I myself worked for Disney from NY a few years back and don’t have the best memories of it.
    That said there is room for optimism, there is a will to change what Disney Animation has been, a will to change it back to what it was … and now there’s someone who has the chops to do it …
    I look forward to that …



  16. Don Lapre Jones Says:

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    Don Lapre Jones