Gesture tuesday’s here

update 1-26 :: a couple more from tuesday

Gesture 1-24b

6 Responses to “Gesture tuesday’s here”

  1. Brian Scott Says:

    Beautiful work as always. What are your thoughts on Disney buying PIXAR? I hope Disney doesn’t squeeze the creativity out of PIXAR’s films like they did to their own.

  2. Azz Says:

    These are great. I’m hoping to find myself a good life drawing class soon

  3. Enrico Says:

    Brian- I read this on the Kubrick Blog …
    Pretty funny.

    “They’re about to get Steved…they just don’t know it yet…”

    Azz- Go for it … it’s a lot of fun …


  4. neo-rama Says:

    wonderful/inspiring as usual. i really miss my life drawing classes from school.

  5. Kano Says:

    freakin’ awesome Enrico, I love your approach, what do you use to draw?

  6. Enrico Says:

    Kano- I use a tombo brush pen …