My new pencil and pen set

A wonderful gift I received back in Italy from my good friends Roberto and Sara. Caran d’Ache makes great drawing tools. Loving both the mechanical pencil and the pen, they’re sooo smooth.

7 Responses to “My new pencil and pen set”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Nice post about pencil and pen set but I am more intrigued with the drawing in the background. Is it another making of another 24 comic? I guess that you have a keep that gallon of coffee hot.


  2. John Sanford Says:

    Canan’dache makes some of the best art supplies around! I am jealous!
    Hey, I too am intigued by the drawing, being a huge fan of your 24 hour comic.
    I can’t wait to see what ever it is!
    One more thing; Have you thought of trying a 2″x8″ comic strip? Are you familiar with the concept? You take a 2″x8″ dialogue strip, fill it with squares, and start drawing. You make the comic up as you go. I have been doing one for 2 weeks. You can see the results on my blog. It’s fun! Try it!

  3. aoi Says:

    Caring friends you have! ^_^ I like the draw in the background!

  4. eDog Says:

    Hey Enrico! Great gift. Still “stalking” you my friend. As usual, your stuff looks top shelf.

  5. Enrico Says:

    Ck- eh eh, well, there’s a small mini comic in the making yes … a short one … stay tuned …

    John S- 2×8 ? cool … will have to try it … and I’ll be sure to go check your blog !

    aoi- super nice friends ! Looooove this pen and pencil ….

    eDog- DUuude … how are you ? All good in White Plains ? X)


  6. eDog Says:

    It’s all good man. :) They’re actually letting me do some boarding here! Needless to say, I’m psyched!


  7. Enrico Says:

    excellent E!! good luck!