Subway sketches

It’s a lot of fun drawing people on subways, here’s a couple from New York. I want to slowly expand on these sketches, I have some from Tokyo I have to scan … slowly it’d be great to have drawings from Subways from all over the world. I guess I should go sketch on Francisco’s BART as well.

subway sketch 1

subway sketch 2

8 Responses to “Subway sketches”

  1. neo-rama Says:

    wow. were you standing right in front of the people you drew? i like how it has a kind of fish eye lens look.

  2. Paul Says:

    These angles look great!! The top one almost looks like fish eye to me – cool effect. One of my favorite places to sketch people is on BART!

  3. aoi Says:

    In Flickr I have seen other people drawing in subways, it’s a perfect place to draw people…hoping no one feels disturbed by it ^_^”

  4. amelia Says:

    How did you draw that woman without her noticing you? She must have been really absorbed in that book…! These are really great drawings!


  5. don Says:

    Wow…are you actually wearing a pair of fisheye lens glasses? These sketches look fantastic! Do people around you actually look at you when you sketch? Are you conscious of them? How do you cope being watched? :)

    From a fan of yours,
    don low

  6. Hussain Says:

    Really nice drawings! A Portuguese artist called Antonio Jorge Goncalves has also been sketching people on subways or underground systems around the world. You can see some of his work at

    (Note: the whole website is in Flash and comes with sound effects!)

  7. Enrico Says:

    neorama- yes I was standing pretty close … NY is good that way people don’t really look up much … they’re all hurrying somewhere … no time to worry about the weird dude drawing you … X)
    Paul- thanks … see u on bart sometimes …
    Aoi- indeed …
    Amelia- yep, she never looked up … glad you like these.
    Don- I like simulating a fish eye … it’s really closer to the way we see, at least from close up, than a straight on drawing …
    Hussain- thanks for the link, awesome!


  8. stephane kardos Says:

    Love those one too! I love to draw in the tube or in cars, I did it before Xmas, driving from L.A. to Vegas, sitting at the back of the van.