Some crawl drawings

Finally got to upload a few more of my NY sketchcrawl sketches. You can find them in this thread on the SketchCrawl forum.

sketchcrawl sketch

6 Responses to “Some crawl drawings”

  1. amelia Says:



  2. gerald Says:

    Bravo e, that looks great! Welcome back.

  3. hfm Says:

    Very good!

  4. aoi Says:

    Interesting! I wonder what he is reading ^_^

  5. Enrico Says:

    Amelia, Hfm, Gerald- thanks! Good to be back, just flied in yesterday.

    Aoi- he was reading some philosophy papers, I was curious too so I asked. He said he was a teacher and added, after seeing the drawing, that I gave him more hair than he has. Pretty funny …


  6. stephane kardos Says:

    They’re beautiful sketches Enrico!!!
    Happy new year!