Merry xmas and New York photos

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Wonderful Hanukkah to you all. Have warm, happy and cozy Holidays wherever you are, whatever you believe in.









6 Responses to “Merry xmas and New York photos”

  1. amelia Says:

    If you weren’t a professional storyboard artist, you could definetly pass as a professional photographer. I love these pictures!
    Happy holidays !


  2. ck Says:


    Buon Natale !! for you and family in Italia.

    The photo of the “loft for rent” reminds of me your pal, Dice’s painting “Prince and Sullivan” I am the proud owner of this painting. When I see my painting and your photograph, I imagine that it was taken in the morning where the street is steaming as the ice evaporates. Your photo has the lighting, texture and color as Dice’s painting. There is definately a “street smell”. I assume that these photos were also taken in the Village.


  3. Benerd Walkin Says:

    Hey Enrico

    Amazing pictures…have a safe and fun holiday.
    I have some sugar plum fairies in my blog waiting…hohoho…enjoy


  4. Paul Says:

    Its beautiful there!! Happy Holidays to you too!

  5. Enrico Says:

    Amelia- way too kind … X)

    CK- Very interesting Charles, I don’t remember the painting from Dice … do you have a photo of it or was it on his website? This photo was taken in Chinatown ..

    Benerd- thank you and very nice fairies !

    Paul- cheers


  6. cK Says:


    Check out Dice’s website under landscape/”New York Village series”/Prince and Sullivan. It is the painting in the 3rd row, far right. I assume that Dice painted in the early morning where the sun was reflected off the cars as the ice was melting.. The actual painting has darker tones. I guess friends share the same mojo as your photos gives me the same vibe as Dice’s painting.


    PS. Thanks for the tip on the Maverick’s auction. It was very enjoyable. I got the Eggleston.