Dinner at Basta Pasta

Delicious japanese/italian restaurant on 17th street … I just had super tasty linguine with uni (sea urchin). We left a drawing or two for posterity …

4 Responses to “Dinner at Basta Pasta”

  1. ck Says:


    You left those two gems at the restaurants. Please give me the telephone number of the place so I can tell them that I forgot something :) Just kidding. Those guys are lucky.

    It has been a while since I had Uni linguini. I heard that there are places in LA that serves it. I think that I need to improvise and make it myself.


  2. j Says:

    Our hotel was directly across from that restaurant. Too bad I didn’t see you guys in passing.

  3. Enrico Says:

    CK- eh eh … I am pretty sure they chucked them right after we left … transient … they were like chalk drawings on a sidewalk … or sakura blossoms falling … eh eh … can I possibly get any cheesier ? ;)

    J- oh really? An hotel on 17th ? You were in town visiting as well ?


  4. j Says:

    Yeah, I got in too late for the crawl. But got to catch Moma and meet a few great people.