4 pieces for 3 trees

Here’s a series of 4 pieces I did for the artshow, they were fully done in Photoshop. With these I followed a somewhat consistent method by choosing a really bright background color and than using a brightly colored line on them, it made for somewhat psychedelic palettes. You can find prints on sale of these here available in 13″x19″ and 18″x24″.

Aqua Guitar

Orange by the sea

Blue Onsen

Black Sardine

7 Responses to “4 pieces for 3 trees”

  1. Emma Says:

    These have a great feel to them… I like the fourth one, especially. It seems tranquil, where the other ones are kind of charged, bright and like they’re about to move…


  2. Paul Says:

    The angle is great! Nice series!

  3. Alina Says:

    Lovely illustrations!


  4. 14a st john street Says:

    I love the view point of these pieces your work is beautiful as always

  5. Serapio Says:

    This stuff is so cool and original. Powerful angles. Can’t wait to see more!

  6. Enrico Says:

    Emma-Paul-Alina-14a st…-Serapio- thanks a lot for your comments everyone, happy to hear you like these …


  7. Carla Says:

    Hello! I was looking at what was for sale at nucleus and I am really interested in your “Girl and Kingyo”. What are its dimensions?

    P.S. I am love with all of your water themed pictures!