Great weekend …

Wow, what a weekend, so sweet to have 4 days like this. I Hate a lot, slept, ran, climbed, danced, drank and surfed! In short I had a ball. I hope you all had a great long weekend too. On the less happy side of news, I broke my treo phone, so no mobile blogging for a while X(. And, uh, climbing with a phone in your pocket is not a good idea. Duh. Well, anyway, I have more photos from last week to share with you … they are mostly from the fun drive to LA on Highway 1 that I took with Tadahiro San and his wife Kuro San. Big Sur is amazing …








4 Responses to “Great weekend …”

  1. Uloo Says:

    Love seeing your photos, Enrico.
    Wow, the color in these is tasty.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Always good to see more photos from the Canon. Great stuff yet again!

  3. bannister Says:

    you hate a lot ?

    Nice pics.

    For my part I went to see my new editor this week end and got a nice publishing deal. i’ll let you know more about this a bit later.
    But it was fun too.

  4. Enrico Says:

    Uloo- thanks ! Glad you like ‘em
    Daniel- thank u
    bannister- Yay I sure did eat a lot … you know … ThanksGiving … lot’s of Turkey eating around the US …
    Sounds great about your editor ! Go bannister!