Turkey-day morning dog

Morning run at Ocean beach before the day’s stuffing … Love these dogs, what are they called, Corgies? Anyway, Happy ThanksGiving everybody.

4 Responses to “Turkey-day morning dog”

  1. Alan Says:

    Yeah I think it’s a corgie. A pembroke corgie to be exact. I know cuz I’ve been thinking about adopting one.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ronnie Says:

    Hey, Ronnie here. Just checking in. Made that drive again and ate a lot at my brother Rick’s house. Staying at the Hilton Universal City. Hope you’re having a good holiday break. Next Thanksgiving let’s have it at my place, ‘kay? Bring the crowd favorite, “Pasta a la Enrico.” Back up there tomorrow and free this weekend to do…whatever. Can you believe it? We didn’t book this weekend to be busy with something.

    Gering loves those dogs. “Ein!” she calls them, as in “Cowboy Beebop” data dog.

    Talk to you later.


  3. Ronnie Says:

    Oops, mispelled my daughter’s name. Gerin. That’s better. Late night posting, too much food messes with typing dexterity.


  4. Enrico Says:

    Alan- cool !! I kind of miss a dog too … one day …

    Ronnie- Thanksgiving ala Italiana next year? Sounds good … and yeah it’s so weird to have a weekend of “whatever” … I’ve been loving the restful days … 4 days weekend rock ! Gonna try and surf tomorrow … bought a wetsuit today …
    And right EIN! Gerin is very right, I had forgotten the name of the cowboybepob super intelligent dog … great character, the smartest of the group …
    OK, see you soon Ronnie !!!