“3 trees” now online !

Prints and originals of the artshow, in all a whopping 63 pieces, are now available online at the Nucleus Gallery store! Most of these will be available for a limited time only. Browse through Tadahiro’s awesome prints they’re amazing and there’s even 2 of his beautiful originals still available!! You can purchase from all over the world! Here’s the nice commemorative print we made, it’s available in 13″x19″ and 18″x24″.

3 trees together

4 Responses to ““3 trees” now online !”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Awe man, if I could afford it I’d buy the whole lot. Such wonderful paintings from all three of you.

    I really love how Tadahiro paints sunlight….I hadn’t really looked closely before. He is really quite an artist!

  2. 14a st john street Says:

    Your art work is just amazing the colours the sense of style and design truly wonderful to look at evreytime.

  3. bannister Says:

    Too bad the financial timing isn’t very good.

    Tadahiro paints are incredible. This guy is he the master of lights.

  4. Manuela Says:


    I’m going also to see your sketch crawl day
    I can’t come uff