Happy Birthday SketchCrawl

World Wide SketchCrawl is 1 year (and a day) old! On November 21 2004 we organized the first international drawing marathon. I met artists in Kyoto for it and we had people from all over the world drawing on that day. It was quite the experience, really the start of something. In 2006 I want to do one in Tokyo with artists and friends there.

kyoto sketchcrawl

5 Responses to “Happy Birthday SketchCrawl”

  1. Sandra Khoo Says:

    Whhooaa,cool! 2 birthdays! I shall hafta make it an extra special drawing! ^^ Congrats,Enrico! You made it happen.

  2. Chad Kerychuk Says:

    Congratulations! As I said before, you’re creating quite the legacy!

  3. bannister Says:

    happy birthday sketchcrawl man !

  4. Man Arenas Says:

    happy B
    happy B
    and big B is the watercolors sketch

  5. Enrico Says:

    thanks …