Wow, what a week

I am back at work! It was amazing … what a fun week. I think I might need to sleep for 24 hours straight now … X). Thanks to all of you who came to the artshow it was heart warming. Special super THANKS To Ben, Nellie, Diana, Tony and Neal at Nucleus. You guys did a lot of work and you have probably even more ahead of you to fill the avalanche of orders, thanks for all that! X) Nucleus is really a wonderful space to show artwork at. I am told by Ben that the prints and all originals from the artshow will be available for purchase online very soon !!! I will keep you updated with that as I am sure there is plenty of you that want so of these amazing Tadahiro prints (and there’s even one or two originals available, the very last). They are worth every penny! So, anyway, I have a lot of photos from the whole week, I think I’ll have to sparse them through a few posts this week … here’s a few to begin with …

Ronnie signing prints
Ronnie signing prints away

Nucleus Gallery
Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra

Tadahiro takes a photo
Tadahiro took a ton of photos, can’t wait to see how all this trip will seep into his illustrations.

Tadahiro signing prints
Tadahiro San signing away. He signed each one of the designs in a different place, so amazing.

KuroSan is our sound specialist!
The cutest boom mike operator I’ve ever seen: Kuro San, Tadahiro’s lovely wife. As Ronnie put it, this past weekend we really were more like “3 trees and a flower” X)

9 Responses to “Wow, what a week”

  1. bannister Says:

    Hey, are you guys planning to do a documentary or something ?
    Like Amelia said before.
    That would be really sweet.

  2. Regis Says:

    Hi Enrico,

    Congratulations on what was an amazing show! Donna and I were just constantly giddy looking at the art work and feeling a great vibe from the place and the people there. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and saying hello to you, Ronnie, and Tadahiro (with my very broken Japanese – which was aided by the very talented and nice guy Dice Tsutsumi, whom I hadn’t me before.) I hope you’re all able to take this show internationally. You guys have fans all over the world, and I hope you get packed houses like the one on Saturday wherever you take the show. Omedetou!! Ganbare!!


  3. Jason Says:

    thanks for sharing the moment with us that couldnt be in LA for such a killer show. Congrats!

  4. Rick. Says:

    Great seeing you at the show, Enrico. Hope your birthday was good (and drunk). :)


  5. Enrico Says:

    Bannister- yep, mini documentary … and a walkthrough with the artists … commenting and chatting about our work. It was really fun to do … it will be, if everything goes right, a DVD sold with the 3 trees make a forest book. We filmed as much as we could, which is as much as we would’ve liked. We were so late on saturday night that we had only time for one take of us chatting in the gallery … we even opened late because of it … it was pretty crazy … X).

    Regis- Thanks Regis, glad to hear you and Donna had a good time !! Didn’t know you’re learning nihongo … gambattene ! My dream would be to have a show like this in Tokyo, but I don’t think it’ll be easy.

    Jason- Took as many photos as I could, glad you dug it ….

    Rick- thanks so much man, very thoughtful of you btw. You get the First gift price ! X)


  6. 14a st john street Says:

    your designs are inspiring.

  7. erik olsen Says:

    Congrads on a sucessfull show…..I wish I was there! I guess I will have to wait for the book :) ohhhh plus a DVD…very cool…. congrads!

  8. bannister Says:

    Yes ! Can’t wait for this book and DVD !

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