Highway 5

fun fun … X(

5 Responses to “Highway 5”

  1. Nancy Says:

    There’s only one thing worse than Highway 5 . . . Highway 5 at night!

    Congrats on what looked like a very successful show!

  2. bannister Says:

    driving on highway at night… eeeek….

    thanks for the real time photo report Enrico !

  3. Enrico Says:

    Nancy- eh eh, you’re very right …. made it to SF luckily … X). Thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed it !

    Bann-yah, not so much fun …. luckily I split the drive with a friend so it wasn’t bad at all …
    Going down to LA with Tadahiro and his wife Kuro I actually drove all the way, around 11 hours on the scenic route ! It was tiring but we had a lot of fun … very much worth it !


  4. Morgan Kelly Says:

    Hey Enrico,
    I meet you briefly at Nucleus.
    Congrats on the success of your guys show. That was a fun time, and a huge turnout.

  5. bannister Says:

    wow, 11 hours… you’re crazy, I hope you did those stop every two hours, like it is safe to do. ;-)

    I bet a road trip like this with so interesting people in such very confined space must have been interresting and funny. Did you recorded all the 11 hours of converstation, to retranscript in a a book afterwhile ? Illustrated by pics you would make ? That would be awesome !