A watercolor for the show

Finishing up the last pieces … wow, I am pretty darn tired, this has been pretty taxiing … well, almost there … almost there …

guitar girl drawing

10 Responses to “A watercolor for the show”

  1. MARILLA Says:

    boo!! i found you!!! GENKIDESUKA?
    see you at nucleus…hi to Ron fo me(>_

  2. bannister Says:

    Nice !

    Is it safe to play electric guitar in water ?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    hey enrico, this drawing is really sweet, you should develop her more!

  4. Enrico Says:

    wow Mari San !! Hisashiburi !
    Nice surprise! Look forward to see you at Nucleus … nice blog ! You’re funny.

    bannister- do not try this at home kids … ;) not with amps plugged in at least …

    Anonymous- thanks … I’ll see what I can do …


  5. amelia Says:

    I was just playing bass a minute ago…not in a pool of ankle-deep water though. I wasn’t wearing a bathing suit either. So this girl is waay cooler than me.


  6. Gerald Says:

    I think it’s only fitting to say, “This rocks!”

  7. Enrico Says:

    Amelia- bass rock …. I like bass heavy music … are you in a band ?

    Gerald- thanks … X)


  8. amelia Says:

    I’m in my high school jazz band. I don’t play the electric bass very often though, my main instrument is the stand-up bass :)


  9. Enrico Says:

    stand-up bass in water ! Cool … should do another drawing … X)


  10. amelia Says:

    Yeeah! And no risk of electric shock either…heheh… By the way, my bass teacher has a band called Toast Machine (http://www.toastmachine.com/). It’s pretty “heavy bass” and drums are cool too, if you want there are sound clips on their site :)