Some photos from Italy

It’s photography week for this blog it seems … here’s a gallery of italian photos, mostly taken in the “Cinque terre” region and around Genoa, the city I grew up in. The cinque terre are five coastal towns on the Italian riviera wedged between sea and moutains. It’s a beautiful area which also inspired the background setting for “The adventures of Mia”.

gatto nero

8 Responses to “Some photos from Italy”

  1. Harry "Hare" Sanchez Says:

    Great shot!! I really like the composition as I go from bottom to top..Nice~>

  2. Alina Says:

    Cool photos!


  3. Jason Says:

    that is a beautiful picture. Very nice! Good luck to you and Ronnie with your show as well. Wish I could see it.

  4. bannister Says:

    You really have nice phot skills Enrico. I envy you.
    Nice home pics !
    Err… it’s your home right ? Or not far i guess…

    And yes, like Nancy said : “We’d like to have the end of Night of the Ferry”.


  5. cK Says:


    After seeing these wonderful photos, this first thing that popped into my mind was “the Adventure of Mia”. – “the staircases, the alleyways, the sea”. It really brings me back 3 years ago when Steven pointed out your website for the first time. After seeing your studies of planes, figure drawings and background landscape studies as well as examples from Mia, I was hooked.

    BTW, does the local bookstore in Genoa carry “the Adventures of Mia”? I am sure that local folk will be proud that there is little bit of Genoa soul incorporated in the book.


  6. lindsay Says:

    I’m going to get there! I’ve got to get to Italy!! and bwy, good luck on your gallery event

  7. Alan Says:

    Love the photo! Very striking and moody.

  8. Enrico Says:

    Harry, Alina, Alan – thanks, glad you like it …

    Jason – We’re gonna make an artbook from the event and even shoot some footage, so hopefully in some form we’ll give you a way to see it …

    Lindsay – ah yes you must …

    CK- I indeed have a lot of photos from the 5 terre that are reference for me. No bookstores in Genoa have Mia, no … one day maybe, we’ll get it translated and published …