My camera is back!

Yes, got my digital rebel back from Canon yesterday. Fixed. So … what better occasion for a late night photo-escapade up Tank Hill? Here‘s a few of the results for you.

tank hill old car

15 Responses to “My camera is back!”

  1. Regis Says:

    Wow, great pics Enrico! The somber and mysterious quality of the 4th and 5th photos really make it appropriate at this time of the year (spooky). Also, I’m a sucker for B&W and photos/images/paintings with low saturation. Will any of these make it to a show someday?


  2. Pascal Says:

    WOW!! Sooo much better than the phone pics, right ??

  3. cK Says:


    I agree with Regis. Very spooky. Did you see any dead animals? Looks like you are getting ready for Halloween.


  4. Enrico Says:

    Regis- eh eh … well, it was pretty darn quiet up there and dark … not a soul in sight. It was around 11:30pm but for Cole Valley it might as well be 3am. And yes more than a couple of times I was a little bit spooked by the darkness … but that was part of the fun. The selfportrait with me running actually looks kind of spooky now but I really hadn’t thought it would be …
    A photography show ? One day maybe …

    Pascal- (in extremely nasaly and geeky voice):”a yes sir five point three megapixels better to be exact” ;)

    CK- Dead Animals I did not see, nothing really scary either … the mood was a little bit spooky but truthfully up there on Tank Hill there’s just a bunch of rich people holed up in their several million dollars houses … more than anything they must be scared of me, weird guy with hat, big ass tripod and camera … taking photos in the night …
    Only scary thing I saw … was through the window in one of those houses … it was a scary humongous flat screen TV, largest I’ve ever seen …


  5. Kloink Says:

    Always love your photo’s, Enrico.
    And I’ve been wondering for a while now what type of camera do you use?

    Gertjan Kleijne (Kloink)

  6. Nancy Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    We want more of the Night on the Italian Ferry!!

    Trying to remain patient . . .


  7. bannister Says:

    Great photos E.
    Last one is my favorite, with the pyloric one. orange colors are fantastic. Are city lights always that strong there ?

  8. Daniel Says:

    Ah, great to see some more great Canon pics E.

    Got my own Digital Rebel a while ago and believe it or not, you were part of the reason I got it. I was going through your old blog before this summer and looking at all the cool pix you had taken inspired me to finally take the big plunge into amateur photography. For the quality you get out of a Rebel, it’s such a cheap price. Now I just need a few more lenses and a tripod and some filters and……


  9. Enrico Says:

    Kloink- I use a Digital EOS Rebel, I bought it almost a couple of years ago now … the new rebels are even better now.

    Nancy- doh! I was hoping no one had noticed how terribly late I am in finishing those last 2 pages! Sorreee … I have had no time to do them, too swamped … the artshow’s deadlines are taking all my energy … X(

    Bannister-thanks man … you like the selfportrait … I think … what is a “pyloric” ?

    Daniel- oh neat … funny … ah yes lenses … never enough of ‘em ! I borrowed a co-workers lens to go out that night … it was fun … it’s nice to swap lenses with friends sometimes … take them for a spin, see how you like them …
    other than missing some lenses are you liking it ?


  10. Daniel Says:

    I’m loving it Enrico. Once you catch the “shutter bug”, it’s tough to get rid of it. Not that I would want to. I’ve managed to get some nice shots out of the lenses I have(stock and 75-300), but a macro lens and better all around lens would make me a happy guy.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your shots.

  11. Jason Says:

    looks like a shot from a well shot movie. Wonderful

  12. bannister Says:

    E : sorry, it was a translatin mistake, I meant “pylon” :-)
    (That damn Ultralingua soft isn’t very efficient…)

    And yes, the self portrait is nice. Except we can’t see your nice hat. ;-)

  13. Enrico Says:

    Daniel- excellent … sounds like you’re having fun it.

    Jason- thanks !

    bannister- Ah I see, the big antenna thing … yeah it’s pretty cool, it’s the twin peaks antenna, it dominates the whole city … makes me think about the Furi Kuri town a bit, remember that ?


  14. bannister Says:

    haha, yes i do !
    Quite a show.

  15. Sell Pics Says:

    Nice shot – too bad the lamp got pixalized. Still, this would make a great stock photo.