one page today

I was able to watercolor only one yesterday. Read it here.

Comic page 9

5 Responses to “one page today”

  1. Max Says:

    Great, great page there.
    That last panel reads so well and so strange–it conveys the weird idea of looking up at some jumbo planetarium-slash-universe much better than words could do. The humor also reminds me of some old Krazy Kat stuff–storks and flying ‘Kats’ and whatnot.

  2. Nick Says:

    nice stuff man; I like that after a while it feels very quiet and private.
    best of luck on the rest.

  3. Chad Kerychuk Says:

    These are really enjoyable Enrico! The surreal elements and conversation with Miyizaki make it worthy of one of his fascinating fables!

  4. Alina Says:

    Love your artworks!! GREAT blog!
    A nice charming quality and atmosphere in your arts!

  5. Enrico Says:

    Max- thanks so much, glad that that panel reads, it was what that flat moon really made it feel like …
    Nick-happy to hear you feel that way, after all if you think about it it’really just about a long night spent alone … well somewhat alone. X)
    Chad- thanks for the kind words…
    Alina- cool, you enjoy zee blog me happy.. X)