Kim Cogan

Kim is a local painter I met a few years ago through another common talented painter and friend, Dice Tsutsumi. There’s few artists around whose work I totally want on the walls of my apartment and Kim is certainly one. His cityscapes are breathtaking and the palettes he chooses always blow me away. Peruse his website you’re bound to be amazed. Tonight he’s also part of the “ART PRINT“show opening at Canvas Gallery here in SF, featuring high quality prints of several artists’ work. Gonna try and make it there.

kim cogan

4 Responses to “Kim Cogan”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Thanks for Kim’s site, you were right about his paintings…breathtaking is the right word. Can’t make it tonight to the Gallery, but if you catch a break from work, please share any photos or stories. Thanks. See you guys Saturday.

  2. ck Says:


    You are very gracious in spreading the word of other artist. Kim’s work feels very inspired by Diebenkorn and Thiebaud who also painted the local SF scenery. It looks like he spent a lot of time in Russian Hill (another potential place for Sketchcrawl). I particular like CityScape 7, 8, 9 where he painted the same house in different time of day/night with his perspective of light. It looks like a house that I have seen in Seacliff area around 25th Ave.

    On a separate subject, I can’t say how much I enjoy Daitsuke’s work. “Very bold and unconventional at times”. I also throughly enjoy Ernesto Nemesio’s work which contrasts from Dice as it is more classical interpretation. Both of these artists have mastery of light.

    Thanks again for your tips. I have definately grown in my enjoyment of the arts as well as my personal collection from your blog.


  3. ck Says:

    Oops. In my day job, there are too many emails going back in forth that I just can’t express myself anymore. In regards to Dice’s work, I “can” say how much I enjoy his work.


  4. Enrico Says:

    Gerald- Happy to hear you like his work. I followed your advice and posted some photos from the show.

    CK- I think you’re very right about Thiebaud … see the new post with his cupcakes? Proves your point. Glad you’re digging these guys … I just happen to have good friend that are also darn talented painters … X)