I love Zenaida Sengo’s drawings. From her guache paintings to her photography her works are genuine and inspiring. They run the gamut from naive to sensual, from lighthearted to macabre. I think we might have in common a fondness for Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. Zenaida is also an inspired and beautiful model. In fact several drawings I showcased in Fragments Intermezzo are of her. I guess an artist (especially a figurative one like her) really knows what a really interesting pose is. Check all her work at the newly updated ZensArt.com.
Here’s a lovely Finch Skull Bouquet courtesy of Zen.


2 Responses to “ZensArt”

  1. cK Says:

    I can see the reference and influence in Fragments Intermezzo in composition and poses. It is interesting as I thought that reference and poses in Fragments Intermezzo was Claire Wendling and cubism influences of Georges Braque. As for Zenaida Sengo’s work, it is interesting but kinda of frightening. When simple drawings are combined with macabre, you get the feeling of waking up from a “nightmare” and jogging down the initial foggy impression.


    PS. I really enjoy the photos that you have taken with your phone camera. Even with low tech gear, it has great vision. Also, I really like the “photo of the photo – Kimono”

  2. Enrico Says:

    Hey ck- Interesting points …
    Well … I don’t think Intermezzo was actually influenced by Zen’s work as much her talent as a model …
    Eh eh, interesting that you find Zen’s work frightening … it certainly has an edge … but I also see a soft side … and certainly humor … did you see the photo section ?

    Thanks for the compliments on the photos … “mobile photo blogging” is fun, but I feel a little weird about the low quality of the photos sometimes. Glad to hear you like it …