Today’s gesture drawings

We have a nice gesture drawing class here at lunchtime on tuesdays. It’s taught by one of our uber animators: Tom Gately. The class is roughly based on the teachings of Walt Stanchfield. You can find most of the handout to Walt’s class here (thanks to Tom has had the fortune of studying under him at Disney and he’s been kind enough to create an ongoing weekly gesture class here at Pixar. The poses are quick and dynamic, the right stuff to get juices going. Here’s some of the work from today … to change it up a bit I did most of these with a sharpie, it was fun and refreshing.

gesture 4

gesture 5

gesture 3

gesture 1

gesture 2

9 Responses to “Today’s gesture drawings”

  1. Shieko Says:

    Very nice sketches! very loose, free lines….i like!

  2. Pascal Says:

    Thank you so much for the link to the class notes! Great ressource. :)

  3. J Says:

    MAN ALIVE! Tom Gately works at PIXAR!?!?! I have a series of handouts with tons of his drawings which I should post. I’ve been studying his drawings for years. He’s really awesome!
    I’ve been meaning to ask him if its ok to do so.
    Great Enrico, just great! Nice drawings!

  4. n* Says:

    That’s NUTS man! You are lucky lucky guys! Man! Tom Gately…
    The Stanchfield notes are so full of enthusium, insight and courage; how great to be drawing with one of Walts fellas.
    Sharpie it up Enrico!

  5. Administrator Says:

    Pascal- indeed, those notes from Walt are great … I love also his more phylosophical thoughts on drawing too …

    J and n* – yep it’s been quite great … Tom is the nicest guy … most humble too … “Pixar University” here is just amazing, tons of classes to try something new or sharpen your skills … the best perk.


  6. Gerald Says:

    Thank you so much for the link, there’s so much good info. It has really sparked some inspiration this morning.

  7. Stephane Says:

    great loose sketches Enrico! so good that you guys have some fantastic courses like this at Pixar!

  8. Administrator Says:

    Those handouts are awesome aren’t they ? Inspiring indeed … it’s really gonna help drawing people on sketchcrawls … pushing poses and clarifying actions …
    great stuff, happy to hear you’re digging all that.


  9. Mike Says:

    Really nice and energetic sketches! Sharpie markers are great to get an idea or sketch down really quickly! I think I’ll need to revisit those Stanchfield notes again……