New gallery added!

I added a new gallery in the photography section. It will showcase all the “header images” I post here at the top of the blog, with some information regarding the photos. Now if you miss a day you can still see them all there. These images are a lot of fun to create, cropping photos this way is more interesting than I thought it’d be … and I have so many photos I can probably keep on doing this all year … (I should make a calendar of these some day … X) ).

Header photos

5 Responses to “New gallery added!”

  1. j Says:

    Italy looks beautiful. I might go that way this year to visit some family, to witness it first hand.

  2. cK Says:


    These headers are wonderful. Each day, it is different which conveys a different mood. I noticed that there has been some changes in the photos that you have been taking. Previously, blues, grays, with splashes of red have been common color themes. But, I really love the “yellow” cinquecento. Will you be mixing your headers with drawings? I really would like to see the small “Mia” characters or more more planes.


  3. Shieko Says:

    Wow,…the car reminds me of Lupin…..
    nice photos Enrico!

  4. Robin Capper Says:

    I have been doing a similar header images for both my blogs (not daily) and found the extreme cropping, thinner than yours, makes you see photos in a very different way. Photos that are unremarkable in full format get a whole new look. I also have a sidebar link to the full image.

    As mentioned before, I also love the expression of the “yellow cinquecento”

  5. Administrator Says:

    J- you must ! X)

    CK- Glad you like these Charles … and yes I am planning to use some photos of drawings as well …

    Shieko- Indeed, Miyazaki loves old European cars and the cinquecento is indeed awesome in the Castle of Cagliostro …

    Robin- Indeed Robin it’s so much fun to crop photos !! I have so many already done and ready … I almost want to change them every hour… eh eh …