Dan Lee’s IN YOUR FACE Book Launch party

I am willing to bet Dan, wherever he is, whatever he reincarnated as, must be grinning from side to side. Be it a huge tree sitting in a redwood forest, a cow drinking on the Gange river, an eagle flying over the Alps or a monk meditating in Tibet, he, she or it is smiling. And so are we here, what a beautiful show last night! It was really fantastic to have so many artists and friends all come together to remember and share Dan‘s talent and passion. All the art on the walls was really great and diverse. I was honored to be part of the exhibiting group of Dan’s friends: Albert Lozano, Robert Kondo, Ronnie Del Carmen, Ernesto Nemesio, Paul Topolos, Louis Conzales, Liz Holmes, Mark Holmes, Daniel Arriaga, and Jay Shuster. Culture Shizaaam (Also known as Albert Lozano) and Geo del Carmen did a great job as our DJs for the night. Special thanks to Carmen and Noelle for all their hard work and also to Sunny, Dan’s sister, for her nice words last night.Anyway, the show is up for a few more weeks, go see it in person if you can and be sure to pick up Dan’s book at Amazon if you haven’t yet.

Now … photos … most of which ended up blurry messes … but better than nothing. So … lot’s of good friends: (vaguely in order of appearance) Derek Thompson, Angus MacLane, Jane Yen, Carmen Ngai, David Park, Ted Mathot, Sanjay Patel, Ronnie del Carmen, Maureen Giblin, Jamie Lopez, Noelle Case, Geo del Carmen, Bosco Ng and James Baker, Jason Katz, Daniel Arriaga, Mark Holmes, Jay Shuster and to finish Nana Grant and Naenae Suwankiri.





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  1. Chad Kerychuk Says:

    Looks like it was a fantastic turnout and looks like everybody was smiling along with Dan – wherever he, she, it may be!

  2. james-baker.com » In Your Face Says:

    [...] The recent tribute for Dan Lee, which was a combination book-launch and gallery-show, was well attended. Here you can see Derek (surrounded by jealous pals) proudly showing off a piece he bought by Ronnie del Carmen. For more pictures and information about the show itself you can read Ronnie and Enrico’s reports. [...]